Special Half Day Master Classes at the West Country Quilt & Textile Show 2019

Special Half Day Master Classes at the West Country Quilt & Textile Show 2019













In 2017, by popular request we held 2 full day master classes. Caroline Bell, teaching “An Introduction to Eco Printing” on Saturday, and on Sunday, Kate Whitehead teaching “Indigo and Weave”. Both classes sold out!

For 2019, we are pleased to have Caroline Bell and Lizzie Godden teaching half day master classes.

On Thursday, August 29th, Lizzie Godden’s 3 hour workshop is titled “Introduction to Eco Printing and Natural Dying” starting at 13.00 for 6 participants.

“Enjoy the exciting process of using plants to dye and print onto fabric and paper. You will take away dyed and eco printed pieces of silk, cotton and cartridge paper. You will also have the opportunity to experiment with some Shibori techniques and to dye stitched fabric with natural plant dyes.”


On Friday, August 30th, Caroline Bell’s 3 hour workshop is titled “Printing with Natural Dye Extracts” starting at 13.00 for 6 participants.

“Using a plant based print paste and natural dye extracts, learn how to create colourful complex designs on fabric using only stencils and wooden stamp blocks. During the workshop you will learn how to prepare the fabric for print, how to mix the dye and print paste and how to get the best out of the blocks and stencils, since you will not be using them in the usual way! Hopefully you will go away with some samples and the confidence to carry on at home.”







The price for these workshops is £40 each plus your ticket to enter the show. If you feel inspired to join one of these classes, we would be delighted to offer a complimentary ticket for another day of the show, so you still get the chance to have a wander around the show, check out the galleries, and do some shopping!




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