Two new competitions for this year’s show!

Two new competitions for this year’s show!

This year, in addition to the usual quilting competition, we are launching a new Junior Quilters comp, and also a ‘Bag’ competition which is open to ‘non-quilty’ textile arts too.  More about the bags later…..

The junior quilters category was inspired by members of the UK Quilters United facebook forum, who often show off work that their children and grandchildren have been creating.  We did try a junior category a few years ago with minimal interest, but this year we have the support of not only the aforementioned facebook group, but also the Guild junior division, so we really hope it will be a success.

9 Year old Matilda Tate his already working on her entry. She won the Under 10s group at the Quilters Guild AGM this year, and is looking forward to entering more competitions!

winning quilt QGBI AGM 2017



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